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0 Sexual Dysfunction in Women

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That women often experience physical complaints, like headaches, fatigue, and aches or feel easily offended should not take lightly. Therefore, it could be an early sign affected by sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, the problem of sexual dysfunction not just belong to the adam, but also women in the world. Surveys in the United States showed sexual dysfunction affects 43% of women under 60 years of age.

"In Indonesia, a taboo talking about sex, this problem is not revealed. But usually out in the form of physical complaints before, such as headache, fatigue, aches, and irritability,''said Dr. Ichsan Jusni Solichin, sexual psychotherapist, in a seminar Sexual Dysfunction on Women and the solution is, in Jakarta, some time ago.

Jusni express female sexual dysfunction due to physical and psychological. Physically more common after menopause due to decreased estrogen production. He estimates that half of women who had experienced menopause.

But before the menopause factor was not the least of women experiencing sexual dysfunction, mainly due to psychological factors. For women, he added, psychological factors that can affect sexual desire, among other problems with the spouse, economic hardship, trauma, like rape, myths, and others.

Disease factors, such as diabetes, heart disease, fungal infections and use of alcohol can also make women's sexual dysfunction.

Jusni exemplifies the female sexual arousal disorder say if they are not able to maintain his passion though has a desire for sex.

"Physically, can cause disruption of sexual anatomy. It can also cause a psychic that is feelings of guilt or fear of sex," explained Jusni.

Meanwhile, in the same place Dr. Bambang Soekamto women against their partners say the discomfort can also create sexual dysfunction.

Bambang said the women who said they were satisfied when their partner had sex with only 25%.

"Although married for love, not necessarily last forever if you do not have adequate knowledge about sex and technique," says sexologists that again.

To cope, he added, required disclosure and communication antarpasangan.

"When you need to bring the couple consulted. It often happens because of shame and pride, sexual dysfunction patients to seek treatment themselves, not to the experts," said Bambang.

Concerning the healing of sexual dysfunction in women, Bambang suggest patients are not so dependent on stimulants. According to him, stimulants should be used proportionally.

"The drug is a stimulant that is used tool at any time. What must be resolved is the main problem, whether physical or psychological," said Bambang.

At the seminars and the launch Menolia, supplements to increase female sexual arousal, Junis also added that the tubectomy (sterile) are anatomically not cause sexual dysfunction in women. ''There are many women afraid to do tubectomy. Though anatomically no effect on the decrease in sexual functions. Precisely that fear that makes sexual dysfunction occur, "explained Jusni. (* / H-1)


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