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Exercise regularly make the body more healthy that have an impact on improving performance and your ability to satisfy his partner. The study found that men who sit passively and when to exercise regularly say they are 30 percent more frequent sex.

Exercise not only helps the body more fit for sex, but also stimulates the mind that makes you feel sexier in the eyes of the couple. When this part should they be trained?

abdominal muscle

The muscles of the abdomen is the most important for the penetration of long duration. To strengthen abdominal muscles, not cracking exercise. This exercise is similar to sit ups, but you do not have too much body.

The trick, lie on the floor and bend your legs. Place both hands on his chest and slowly lift your upper body while directing both knees to your chest. Hold for a few moments and returned to the starting position. Perform this movement as much as one to two sessions.


A third case of injury to the penis occurs when sexual intercourse. Usually caused by a sudden change of position or movement that is too tight at the woman on top. Tear the tissue in the penis in erection conditions can cause severe pain. However, cases of injury to the penis is extremely rare. To avoid this, every move carefully.

Seat belt

If you enjoy sports activities involving running, jumping, and movement that has changed all of a sudden, it is advisable to use protective equipment vital organs. This tool will protect the penis from the shock and injury due to trauma. There are different types of protectors of the penis, you can get at sports stores.


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