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0 5 It is important about Masturbation

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Experts say most men have to masturbate, either to reduce stress, help you sleep soundly, and so forth.

Even so, there are medical matters which may never have known about masturbation. These are five important things about masturbation is to know the men:

1. There was no term "masturbation abnormal"

Men often ask if there is something abnormal about the way they masturbate. The experts themselves are reluctant to define the word "normal" or "abnormal", but they claim that men do it with frequency and techniques vary widely.

"As humans, we are too diverse to adopt a particular norm of masturbation is normal or not," said Betty Dodson, PhD, sexologists from New York as well as author of the book Sex for One.

"Every man to masturbate in his own way. Did he use his hands, rubbing on something, using sex toys or household objects, wearing special clothing, fantasizing, seeing a book or magazine, try a different position, or look in the mirror," said Martha Cornog, author of The Big Book of Masturbation.

2. Masturbation does not completely secure.

Unlike sex with a partner, masturbation does not transmit sexual disease. You also will not experience muscle tension, eye bags caused by fatigue, and feeling awkward often faced when having sex with a partner.

But masturbation was not fully secured. "Masturbation is the safest sexual activity ever existed. But, the laws of physics and biology is not going to stop saying that masturbation is safe just because masturbation is normal," said Cornog.

The average man knows, if their frequency or too strong to masturbate while doing it, and it can irritate the skin of the penis. On the other hand, men do not know that the habit of masturbation with a stomach condition, for example by pressing a pillow or even a carpet on the floor, can injure the urethra. Therefore, urine from the penis are not spending as usual, but with a hard spray so difficult to control.

Barbara Bartlik, MD, psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York, said he saw a man who suffered severe urethral trauma due to masturbating face down so that he could no longer be able to use the toilet standing but had to urinate sitting down.

In particular cases are very rare, masturbate or have sex with your partner can also cause penile fracture. This painful condition occurs because the tear in the tunica albuginea (white tissue surrounding the sponge layer of the penis) due to the erect penis of a hard object or being forced to bend downward. In an emergency, this often ends in a condition required surgery.

3. Own sex change your sex life or vice versa.

For various reasons, when their own sex can benefit. Masturbation can help identify your own sexual response-what feels good for you and what did not, so you will be better able to explain to the couple about the right touch.

It also helps you learn to recognize when the "inevitable" right before the orgasm and helps teach couples how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Perhaps most significantly, masturbation is the mechanism or the best solution for men who are not able to have sex when their partner while on sick or menstruating, or own a sex drive that do not comply with himself.

For some men, "solo sex" can become an obsession so they began to lose the desire to make love with their partner. Feelings of hurt and alienation caused by the couple's obsession with "solo sex" will make you difficult to maintain relationships.

The experts stressed, masturbation is fine even for men who already committed. "We can not assume that just because a man masturbating, then it will reap the problems of the primary relationship," said Bartlik.

4. Some triggers masturbation techniques sexual dysfunction.

The experts warn, the man who often stimulate him in ways that do not simulate sex with a partner (eg, stroking very fast or with heavy pressure or friction) may be suffering from ejaculation disorder. With sexual dysfunction is, someone will be difficult or even impossible to reach climax during sex with a partner.

"Anyone who has experienced sexual dysfunction should ask himself whether he had masturbated in a manner which has caused a sensation different from that obtained from the hands, mouth, or vagina partner. Then he must consider what it can stimulate your partner and change the way masturbation you to make such a desirable partner, "said Michael A Perelman, PhD, professor of psychiatry and urology from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

5. Masturbation affects prostate cancer risk

A study conducted in Australia in 2003 and published in BJU International states, ejaculation associated with decreased risk of prostate cancer later in life.

However, in a 2004 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, a researcher reported that "ejaculation frequency is not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer." In both these studies, the frequency of ejaculation include sexual intercourse with a partner and masturbation.

Meanwhile, in a study published last January in BJU International showed that young men who masturbate frequently higher risk of prostate cancer. However, if older men often masturbate, it will reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As for having sex with a partner does not become a factor against the risk of prostate cancer.

The researchers assumed that masturbation is not the only one that can trigger prostate cancer risk in men who masturbate often in their 20s and 30s. Men often to masturbate because it has high levels of sex hormones. Young men who are genetically inclined to have hormone-sensitive at high risk of prostate cancer when their sex hormone excess.

Meanwhile, men aged over 50 years of age and often masturbated turned out to help dry the prostatic fluid that may contain substances that trigger cancer.

0 Organ of the biennium close

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Exercise regularly make the body more healthy that have an impact on improving performance and your ability to satisfy his partner. The study found that men who sit passively and when to exercise regularly say they are 30 percent more frequent sex.

Exercise not only helps the body more fit for sex, but also stimulates the mind that makes you feel sexier in the eyes of the couple. When this part should they be trained?

abdominal muscle

The muscles of the abdomen is the most important for the penetration of long duration. To strengthen abdominal muscles, not cracking exercise. This exercise is similar to sit ups, but you do not have too much body.

The trick, lie on the floor and bend your legs. Place both hands on his chest and slowly lift your upper body while directing both knees to your chest. Hold for a few moments and returned to the starting position. Perform this movement as much as one to two sessions.


A third case of injury to the penis occurs when sexual intercourse. Usually caused by a sudden change of position or movement that is too tight at the woman on top. Tear the tissue in the penis in erection conditions can cause severe pain. However, cases of injury to the penis is extremely rare. To avoid this, every move carefully.

Seat belt

If you enjoy sports activities involving running, jumping, and movement that has changed all of a sudden, it is advisable to use protective equipment vital organs. This tool will protect the penis from the shock and injury due to trauma. There are different types of protectors of the penis, you can get at sports stores.

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0 Sexual Dysfunction in Women

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That women often experience physical complaints, like headaches, fatigue, and aches or feel easily offended should not take lightly. Therefore, it could be an early sign affected by sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, the problem of sexual dysfunction not just belong to the adam, but also women in the world. Surveys in the United States showed sexual dysfunction affects 43% of women under 60 years of age.

"In Indonesia, a taboo talking about sex, this problem is not revealed. But usually out in the form of physical complaints before, such as headache, fatigue, aches, and irritability,''said Dr. Ichsan Jusni Solichin, sexual psychotherapist, in a seminar Sexual Dysfunction on Women and the solution is, in Jakarta, some time ago.

Jusni express female sexual dysfunction due to physical and psychological. Physically more common after menopause due to decreased estrogen production. He estimates that half of women who had experienced menopause.

But before the menopause factor was not the least of women experiencing sexual dysfunction, mainly due to psychological factors. For women, he added, psychological factors that can affect sexual desire, among other problems with the spouse, economic hardship, trauma, like rape, myths, and others.

Disease factors, such as diabetes, heart disease, fungal infections and use of alcohol can also make women's sexual dysfunction.

Jusni exemplifies the female sexual arousal disorder say if they are not able to maintain his passion though has a desire for sex.

"Physically, can cause disruption of sexual anatomy. It can also cause a psychic that is feelings of guilt or fear of sex," explained Jusni.

Meanwhile, in the same place Dr. Bambang Soekamto women against their partners say the discomfort can also create sexual dysfunction.

Bambang said the women who said they were satisfied when their partner had sex with only 25%.

"Although married for love, not necessarily last forever if you do not have adequate knowledge about sex and technique," says sexologists that again.

To cope, he added, required disclosure and communication antarpasangan.

"When you need to bring the couple consulted. It often happens because of shame and pride, sexual dysfunction patients to seek treatment themselves, not to the experts," said Bambang.

Concerning the healing of sexual dysfunction in women, Bambang suggest patients are not so dependent on stimulants. According to him, stimulants should be used proportionally.

"The drug is a stimulant that is used tool at any time. What must be resolved is the main problem, whether physical or psychological," said Bambang.

At the seminars and the launch Menolia, supplements to increase female sexual arousal, Junis also added that the tubectomy (sterile) are anatomically not cause sexual dysfunction in women. ''There are many women afraid to do tubectomy. Though anatomically no effect on the decrease in sexual functions. Precisely that fear that makes sexual dysfunction occur, "explained Jusni. (* / H-1)

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1 Quit Smoking For Good

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Weight gain by people who want to quit smoking is a problem that needs to be addressed. Gaining weight might be a miserable and stressful experience for smokers when combined with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. People who are on some smoking cessation programs will have the nicotine slowly removed from the system. This they accomplish by resorting to different tools and methods like nicotine replacement therapies, nicotine gums and patches, herbal patches, etc. People who smoke are aware of the harmful effects of some of the chemical agents and carcinogens that are present in cigarettes and cigarette smoke.

They would be getting into some smoking cessation program only when they happen to be diagnosed with some dangerous problems. In the hope of gaining a few extra days to spend with there friends and family, they might put in a decent effort. It is almost sure that you will quit the habit of smoking when your doctor informs you that you are going to die soon if you do not stop smoking. A strong mental commitment regarding the decision to quit smoking is the key to quitting the habit of smoking. Combine that mental commitment with natural health products, nicotine replacement therapies or other methods and you improve your chances of giving up smoking. One of the many concerns of smokers is gaining weight while in a smoking cessation program smoking. Actually, when you smoke, the blood circulation on your body increases and when that happens, you would be burning those calories.

Do not try to divert your cravings by resorting to eating and filling yourself. Do some exercises, and you will not gain any weight. The fact that quitting smoking without gaining weight is just one aspect, but the fact that nicotine is very much addictive, more addictive than cocaine and heroin, is another matter. Quit the habit of smoking so that you could breathe better and live longer, and you will not contract any respiratory problems or some types of cancers. Some of the lethal chemicals like formaldehyde added to tobacco cigarettes only make it deadlier and addictive than nicotine.

When you do not smoke you do not gain much weight, and the nicotine and toxin levels in your blood will drop to the required or normal levels. You will start breathing easily and comfortably than before, the food you eat will taste better, and you won't smell like hell. Also, you can cut back on the chances or risks of cancers and heart diseases. There are around 600 recognised toxins contained in cigarettes; some of them are cadmium, propyleneglycol, turpentine, formaldehyde, benzoapyrene, butane , benzene, arsenic, acetone, ammonia and zyklon, which is also called hydrocyanidic acid. Smoking does not constitute a natural habit; rather it is an addiction and disease. People smoke not because they are bored. Actually, it is a kind of subconscious effort to cope with stress. Smoking has been banned in work places and public places If you quit, you will stay alive healthily, and life is too short.

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0 How To Safely And Quickly Treat Angular Cheilitis

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If you are looking for a way to safely, quickly, and naturally treat Angular Cheilitis, there is some very good news. Nobody has to suffer needlessly from an infection that is completely preventable.

Sores, inflammation, and cracks around the corners of the mouth are classic signs of this condition. Angular Cheilitis, also known as Stomitis or Perleche, is a condition that causes painful and embarrassing sores. It can also prove to be very difficult to cure. These sores make social interaction awkward and distressing.

The lesions that result often vary based on size and where they are located. Sores on corner of the mouth are prone to split when the mouth is opened to talk or eat, resulting in painful splits along each corner of the mouth that resemble paper cuts.

Topical Treatments

The typical solution found prescribed by family doctors involves prescribing a 1% hydro cortisone cream. The problem with this solution is that is doesn't work for many people. It also is very expensive.

Although Angular Cheilitis is neither a contagion or dangerous, the self-consciousness it causes in the sufferer cannot be measured. The symptoms of the condition manifest themselves right on the face, so there is no way to hide the condition. When the condition is in full force, ulcers are clearly visible along the corners of the mouth, the lips appear chapped, and crusty white areas are noticeable around the lip corners.

Underlying Cause

Angular Cheilitis is considered a fungal infection. The germs that cause the affliction naturally live in the affected areas. Theses germs flare up during a cold snap or when other certain conditions are present, such as a continual licking of the lips.

Understanding the fact that these germs are always present in the affected areas is what leads to the ultimate cure.

A common misunderstanding is that Angular Cheilitis is a symptom of the flu. This is because the condition usually flares up during the winter months or a cold snap. The body's immune system can be weakened and the bacteria that normally live in harmony within the body get the opportunity to grow and spread. This, in turn, creates the symptoms sufferers are all too familiar with - sores, lesions, chapped lips, and splits along the corners of the mouth.

Denture wearers are particularly prone to Angular Cheilitis. This is usually the result of ill-fitting dentures. An improper angular alignment of the dentures can cause the mouth to close further than necessary, which produces small skin folds around the corners of the mouth. This creates a situation that is an ideal breeding ground for an infection to grow and spread.

People that have recently put on extra weight are also at risk. The additional fat around the cheeks create small folds around the corners of the mouth, which, in turn, invite the infection.

The Lasting Cure

A lasting solution for Angular Cheilitis is found by treating the underlying cause - the fungal bacteria. When the cause is removed, you should no longer suffer future outbreaks. Until you can properly target and address the underlying cause for your unique situation, there are still ways to quickly get rid of the bacteria that cause the painful and embarrassing cuts, sores, and lesions around your lips and mouth.

There are a few very good all-natural methods available that aim to quickly control and eliminate the fungal bacteria causing the infection. If you have tried antibiotics, special creams, or other high priced pharmaceutical drugs with little success, you may want to consider using some simple ingredients commonly found in your kitchen or bathroom.

Fungal bacteria cannot survive without moisture present. The treatments involve depriving the bacteria of the environment they need to live. Once this is accomplished, you may be amazed and relieved to see just how quickly the sores, lesions, cuts disappear.

Attacking the situation directly using these means takes the load off an overwhelmed immune system. A weakened immune system is what allowed the infection to grow and spread to begin with. These treatments are designed to build back up your body's natural defenses.

Do These Treatments Work For Everyone?

The ingredients prescribed in the treatments are designed to be safe and effective for everyone. This means the methods advised are safe for children, adults, and the elderly. However, if your problem is the result of misaligned dentures, you should see a dentist to have them properly fitted as soon as possible. Also, if your condition is the result of sudden weight gain, you'll need to take steps to get this under control.

There are no chemicals or substances in these natural solutions. The methods take less than a few minutes to implement and can be repeated as often as you like without the risk for side effects. As stated earlier, you will find many of the ingredients lying around your house, so you may not even need to buy anything.

0 Figure Out How To Prevent Excessive Sweating Ssing Herbal Remedies

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Perspiration is actually a process employed by our body for cooling itself. Regular perspiring is fine for health too. If you don't perspire, then it might result in a few other health problems. But if you perspire excessively, it could possibly induce social and relationship difficulties.

Many individuals are limited because the excessive sweating puts them in lot of difficulties on the working places as well as throughout a public speaking, marital life etc. Excessive sweating is formulated in arms, soles as well as underarms. The folks who experience hyperhidrosis are shy to sit close to another person, shaking hands with someone and so on. It influences both individual and work life.

To cut back the unwanted hyperhidrosis, you are able to utilise medical cures. Most of the people use antiperspirants to cut back excessive sweating. These antiperspirants include aluminum salts, which filter the salty water present in the ducts. The main problem of antiperspirants is that they result in considerable irritations on your epidermis when utilized and bring on dermatitis.

One more method to avoid sweating excessively will be the iontophoresis remedy, done by dermatologists. This process is performed by passing a very low current of electrical power in the suffering area, with help of an electronic gadget. This therapy does not produce any pain, but the outcome produced will probably be identical toantiperspirants method.

A final approach to get rid of hyperhidrosis is performing a surgical procedure. The elimination of the sweat glands from the specific spot where you've got problems or by cutting the nerves that transfer messages from the nervous system to thesweat glands . This may lead to no sweating at all, that is not good for our health. To stop sweating permanently applying healthy solutions, visit the website below for more information.

I really hope this content will help you to know what are the most popular procedures to get rid of abnormal sweating and which solutions can you carve out. I wish you good luck on your way to healthy underarms.