Saturday, July 17, 2010

1 Quit Smoking For Good

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Weight gain by people who want to quit smoking is a problem that needs to be addressed. Gaining weight might be a miserable and stressful experience for smokers when combined with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. People who are on some smoking cessation programs will have the nicotine slowly removed from the system. This they accomplish by resorting to different tools and methods like nicotine replacement therapies, nicotine gums and patches, herbal patches, etc. People who smoke are aware of the harmful effects of some of the chemical agents and carcinogens that are present in cigarettes and cigarette smoke.

They would be getting into some smoking cessation program only when they happen to be diagnosed with some dangerous problems. In the hope of gaining a few extra days to spend with there friends and family, they might put in a decent effort. It is almost sure that you will quit the habit of smoking when your doctor informs you that you are going to die soon if you do not stop smoking. A strong mental commitment regarding the decision to quit smoking is the key to quitting the habit of smoking. Combine that mental commitment with natural health products, nicotine replacement therapies or other methods and you improve your chances of giving up smoking. One of the many concerns of smokers is gaining weight while in a smoking cessation program smoking. Actually, when you smoke, the blood circulation on your body increases and when that happens, you would be burning those calories.

Do not try to divert your cravings by resorting to eating and filling yourself. Do some exercises, and you will not gain any weight. The fact that quitting smoking without gaining weight is just one aspect, but the fact that nicotine is very much addictive, more addictive than cocaine and heroin, is another matter. Quit the habit of smoking so that you could breathe better and live longer, and you will not contract any respiratory problems or some types of cancers. Some of the lethal chemicals like formaldehyde added to tobacco cigarettes only make it deadlier and addictive than nicotine.

When you do not smoke you do not gain much weight, and the nicotine and toxin levels in your blood will drop to the required or normal levels. You will start breathing easily and comfortably than before, the food you eat will taste better, and you won't smell like hell. Also, you can cut back on the chances or risks of cancers and heart diseases. There are around 600 recognised toxins contained in cigarettes; some of them are cadmium, propyleneglycol, turpentine, formaldehyde, benzoapyrene, butane , benzene, arsenic, acetone, ammonia and zyklon, which is also called hydrocyanidic acid. Smoking does not constitute a natural habit; rather it is an addiction and disease. People smoke not because they are bored. Actually, it is a kind of subconscious effort to cope with stress. Smoking has been banned in work places and public places If you quit, you will stay alive healthily, and life is too short.


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