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0 How To Safely And Quickly Treat Angular Cheilitis

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If you are looking for a way to safely, quickly, and naturally treat Angular Cheilitis, there is some very good news. Nobody has to suffer needlessly from an infection that is completely preventable.

Sores, inflammation, and cracks around the corners of the mouth are classic signs of this condition. Angular Cheilitis, also known as Stomitis or Perleche, is a condition that causes painful and embarrassing sores. It can also prove to be very difficult to cure. These sores make social interaction awkward and distressing.

The lesions that result often vary based on size and where they are located. Sores on corner of the mouth are prone to split when the mouth is opened to talk or eat, resulting in painful splits along each corner of the mouth that resemble paper cuts.

Topical Treatments

The typical solution found prescribed by family doctors involves prescribing a 1% hydro cortisone cream. The problem with this solution is that is doesn't work for many people. It also is very expensive.

Although Angular Cheilitis is neither a contagion or dangerous, the self-consciousness it causes in the sufferer cannot be measured. The symptoms of the condition manifest themselves right on the face, so there is no way to hide the condition. When the condition is in full force, ulcers are clearly visible along the corners of the mouth, the lips appear chapped, and crusty white areas are noticeable around the lip corners.

Underlying Cause

Angular Cheilitis is considered a fungal infection. The germs that cause the affliction naturally live in the affected areas. Theses germs flare up during a cold snap or when other certain conditions are present, such as a continual licking of the lips.

Understanding the fact that these germs are always present in the affected areas is what leads to the ultimate cure.

A common misunderstanding is that Angular Cheilitis is a symptom of the flu. This is because the condition usually flares up during the winter months or a cold snap. The body's immune system can be weakened and the bacteria that normally live in harmony within the body get the opportunity to grow and spread. This, in turn, creates the symptoms sufferers are all too familiar with - sores, lesions, chapped lips, and splits along the corners of the mouth.

Denture wearers are particularly prone to Angular Cheilitis. This is usually the result of ill-fitting dentures. An improper angular alignment of the dentures can cause the mouth to close further than necessary, which produces small skin folds around the corners of the mouth. This creates a situation that is an ideal breeding ground for an infection to grow and spread.

People that have recently put on extra weight are also at risk. The additional fat around the cheeks create small folds around the corners of the mouth, which, in turn, invite the infection.

The Lasting Cure

A lasting solution for Angular Cheilitis is found by treating the underlying cause - the fungal bacteria. When the cause is removed, you should no longer suffer future outbreaks. Until you can properly target and address the underlying cause for your unique situation, there are still ways to quickly get rid of the bacteria that cause the painful and embarrassing cuts, sores, and lesions around your lips and mouth.

There are a few very good all-natural methods available that aim to quickly control and eliminate the fungal bacteria causing the infection. If you have tried antibiotics, special creams, or other high priced pharmaceutical drugs with little success, you may want to consider using some simple ingredients commonly found in your kitchen or bathroom.

Fungal bacteria cannot survive without moisture present. The treatments involve depriving the bacteria of the environment they need to live. Once this is accomplished, you may be amazed and relieved to see just how quickly the sores, lesions, cuts disappear.

Attacking the situation directly using these means takes the load off an overwhelmed immune system. A weakened immune system is what allowed the infection to grow and spread to begin with. These treatments are designed to build back up your body's natural defenses.

Do These Treatments Work For Everyone?

The ingredients prescribed in the treatments are designed to be safe and effective for everyone. This means the methods advised are safe for children, adults, and the elderly. However, if your problem is the result of misaligned dentures, you should see a dentist to have them properly fitted as soon as possible. Also, if your condition is the result of sudden weight gain, you'll need to take steps to get this under control.

There are no chemicals or substances in these natural solutions. The methods take less than a few minutes to implement and can be repeated as often as you like without the risk for side effects. As stated earlier, you will find many of the ingredients lying around your house, so you may not even need to buy anything.


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