Saturday, May 15, 2010

0 Sucrose Main Causes of Child Dental porous

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Foods that contain sucrose or sugar cane is the main cause of your child's teeth easier porous then it is advisable to always maintain the cleanliness of the teeth from food debris.

Assistant Manager of Community Services Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), University of Indonesia, Drg. Peter Andreas, M. Kes said the sucrose content is easy to become acidic as the growth of germs.

According to him, so that your child's teeth stay healthy and not easy to brush your teeth porous least twice a day, ie after breakfast and before bedtime.

Peter hoped, do not let toddlers drink milk bottle while sleeping, because your mouth will become acidic and as a nest of germs that cause tooth easily rusted. It's okay to eat candy but the kids keep dental hygiene must be maintained.

As a substitute for sucrose in candy or other foods, he said, can be given a natural sweetener substitute for regular sugar found in fruits and vegetables.

He said that oral health care for teeth and gums at an early age is very important. The mouth is one source of initial entry of bacteria and germs that can disrupt the body's health.

"To maintain the health of the whole body, must be preceded by maintaining oral health, including teeth and gums," he said.

During this time, he said, paying less attention to public health of the child's milk teeth, because it assumes will be shifted gears.

According to him, caring for baby teeth is very important because if the milk tooth is damaged it will disrupt the activity of the child.


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