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0 Healthy Living through Quality Sleep

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The average adult spends seven to nine hours of sleep each night.
That's when the body perform the necessary repairs. Poisons the cells and tissues removed and rebuilt. The brain also processes the collected stress when the body is awake and reduce the bad effects on body systems. Despite extensive laboratory research has been done, but the function of sleep remains a mystery. One thing is certain, the body and mind can not function well without sleep. When we sleep, poor quality in the long term, our physical and mental health will be disturbed. Lack of sleep will directly reduce the productivity, the ability to enjoy life, and how we look.

Fortunately, there were many effective ways to avoid symptoms of insomnia and ensure we continue to sleep soundly every night. This will help our work and have fun at the optimal level of energy.

Sports For Relaxation
Perform regular body movement is important to create a quality sleep. Without exercise, you will not be physically tired enough to rest well at night. Aerobic activity such as walking and cycling serves to train the heart and build muscle. While some specific yoga techniques are excellent for stretching and relaxing.

Massage and Meditation
At certain times, stress can cause insomnia. Some massage techniques will help ease tensions since a sore shoulder neck, and a rigid waist. Massage can also provide ketengangan face instantly.
Stress is a part of life that can not be avoided. However, when you need the peace of self, a series of meditation and visualization techniques can help you cope with uncertainty, fear and anxiety. With enough exercise, stress can be greatly reduced so that will not cause trouble sleeping at night.

Quiet environment
Tdiur can be exacerbated by a shortage of factors such as external noises, the atmosphere of "busy" in the bedroom, even the type of mattress that is not appropriate. By optimizing your physical environment, many factors like the above barriers can be reduced and even eliminated.
By applying the principles of feng-shui, you can set your bedroom space to create things that can hamper the smooth the flow of "chi" or energy. Decorations and proper lighting patterns can soothe the senses. In addition, a ritual before bedtime can also make the bed into a comfortable and enjoyable experiences.

Pamper Yourself
In order to obtain a quality private time, take the time to remove the burden of thoughts and worries at night. This is especially important considering the many demands of everyday life. No matter how busy you are, you should take time to relax before bed. If not, your mind will still be filled with a variety of daily problems.
To be ready to enter the body during sleep, put candles around you and Soak in warm water laced with aromatherapy oils or herbal concoction. Essential oils like lavender and Clary sage is added in water can relieve headaches and muscle tension. Shower or bath salt bag of chamomile flowers can reduce stress. Take advantage of natural energy is also produced flowers and other plants as a mixture of warm water to soak the feet, bed pillows that brings a sense of sleepiness, and alcohol solution that makes effective sleep.

Snack before bed
You had dinner this evening at 6 o'clock and it's already 11:30. It's time to sleep, but you feel hungry and thirsty again .. What should you do? Instead of opening the refrigerator for a glut of food dancing and may be difficult to digest, you should select foods sweat like peanut butter toast and a soothing hot drink. Avoid tea and coffee because it is a stimulant that tends to make the night awake when drunk. Conversely, herbalyang tea can be consumed in the evening calm and ideal warm milk taken before bed. Milk contains peptides that calm the body system.

Crystal therapy
Sometimes sleep problems arise because of excessive emotion, like fear, excitement or anxiety. Crystal stone therapy can help ease a broken heart. Bebatuanyang right can also be soothing sense of confusion, anxiety and help normalize the sleep pattern. Rock crystal can help if you keep making bad dream awake.


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