Friday, May 14, 2010

0 Red wine, Longevity Secrets

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A mixture consisting of a red wine ingredient turned out to be a healthful beverage and is referred to as a long veil penguak someone his age. Thus the conclusion results of research conducted by David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School (Boston).

The researchers found the fact that the action of resveratrol `` on the fruit and silk together with the action who is known as a method to prolong the lives of animals including monkeys. These findings open the possibility of ordinary people get a pill that could be advantageous for the diet and extend life.

"We found that chemical compounds that could extend life expectancy in every organism," says David Sinclair, head of research. "It is our hope to soon see a molecule that can overcome the threat of diseases such as diabetes, advanced age."

Sinclair and colleagues from the University of Connecticut and Rhode Island at Brown University say they are now looking for combinations that can affect the body's calorie restriction. Scientists today fokus molecules called Sir derived from proteins or sirtuins.

These molecules are mostly found in bacteria and can be used to counteract the effects of aging. "We were looking for molecules that can actively as in the sirtuin protein," explains Sinclair. Years ago it was reported that the chemical compound resveratrol can extend life. Sinclair is now doing experiment on the fruit that can be shared on biological processes in humans.

"If we give this mixture to the animals so they will grow old and healthier longer," he said. Sinclair is developing so far Sirtris `` in pill form called `` Longevinex. He has conducted testing of these compounds in rats was mentioned very close hubunganya with humans.

"If it works well in a rat then I strongly believe that the bias works in humans," determination. He rejected the notion that he wants to market the formula in pill form. He said what he did was try to find molecules that could extend human health and not just a longer life


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