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2 Passion Sexual Disorders in Women

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Passion Sexual Disorders in Women is a permanent failure to achieve or maintain sexual satisfaction, although with adequate sexual stimulation.
This disorder is similar to impotence in men.

These disorders can occur for life or can occur after a period in which normal function.

Female sexual arousal disorder has physical or psychological causes.
These disorders can occur or occurs after a lifetime of normal function.

The main causes are psychological factors, which can include marital strife, depression and stressful circumstances.

A woman could relate to acts of sexual sin and sexual pleasure with guilt.
Fear of intimacy may also play a role.

Some women or their partners are not aware of how female sex organs function, especially the clitoris, and they may not know the techniques of sexual stimulation.

While physical factors that can cause sexual arousal disorders in women include the following:
- The pain due to endometriosis or a bladder infection (cystitis), vaginal infections (vaginitis)
- Lack of the hormone estrogen that accompanies menopause or removal of the ovaries usually cause dryness and thinning vaginal wall
- Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) or mastectomy (removal of breast)
- An underactive thyroid gland
- Anatomy of an abnormal vagina, caused by cancer, surgery or radiation therapy
- Missing a sense because alkolik, diabetes or certain nervous system disorders (eg multiple sclerosis)
- Use of drugs to overcome anxiety, dperesi or high blood pressure.

Medical history and physical examination help determine whether the cause is a psychological factor or physical factor.

Various physical conditions can be treated.
For example given antibiotics to cope with a bladder infection or vaginal infection and given hormones to replace the hormone deficiency.

Counseling can be done to teach concentration techniques feelings (sex therapy).

Kegel exercises can strengthen pelvic floor muscles and can help women to achieve satisfaction.
In this exercise wantia pursed her vagina muscles tight (like holding urination) during 10-15 minutes of at least three times / day for 2-3 months.


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