Monday, May 17, 2010

0 Penile Cancer


Penile cancer is a malignancy of the penis.

Suspected cause is smegma (a liquid that smelled like cheese, which is located in front of the glans penis underneath the skin). But the exact cause is unknown.

Uncircumcised men who did not maintain the cleanliness of the area under the skin of the glans penis and the front of the man who had suffered from genital herpes have a higher risk of penile cancer.

Symptoms include:
- Injuries of the penis
- An open wound on the penis - Penile pain and bleeding from the penis (at an advanced stage).

Diagnosis based on symptoms and physical examination.
Visible wounds on the penis that resembles acne or warts.

Biopsy performed to confirm the diagnosis.

-Treatment of penile cancer varies, to the location and severity of tumors:
Chemotherapy can be done in addition to the removal of the tumor.
If the tumor is limited to a small area at the tip of the penis, performed penektomi partial
(removal of a small penis).
For advanced-stage total penektomi accompanied uretrostomi done
(creating a new urethra hole in the perineal area).
-Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy after removal of localized tumors and tumors that have not spread.
Side effects from radiation therapy is reduced appetite, fatigue, skin reactions (eg irritation
andredness), injury or burns to the rectum, cystitis and hematuria.
Irradiation is usually
performed 5 times / week for 6-8 weeks


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