Monday, May 17, 2010

0 Injury On Penis


Some type of injury can be related to the penis. Penis stuck in his pants zipper is the most common, but usually heal wounds caused immediately.
BoldCuts and wounds heal quickly without treatment but may require antibiotics if infection occurs. Wound on the urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis) may require other special treatment, usually performed by a urologist (a doctor who specifically diagnose and treat genitourinary disorders).
Fracture of the penis can occur from excessive bending on erection of the penis. Pain and swelling of the structures that control erections damages and followed the difficulties in having sex or urinating. Fracture of the penis usually occurs during great sex. Emergency surgery is usually necessary to correct some faults to prevent abnormal indentation on the penis or permanent erectile dysfunction (impotence). The penis can also be partially or fully injured. Reconnection of the penis which can sometimes be severe, but intact sensation and function rarely returns to normal.

Regional easily wound on the scrotum. Strength blunt (eg, hard kick or punch) often cause injury. Even so, sometimes shot or stab through the scrotum or testes. Rare, regardless of scrotal testes. Testicular injuries occur suddenly, severe pain, usually with nausea and vomiting Ultrasound can show whether the testes have been broken. Ice packs, sporting loincloths, and drugs for pain and nausea are usually effective for treating internal bleeding within or around the testes. Testicular rupture requiring repair operation. When scrotal apart, testes could die or lose the ability to produce hormones or sperm. Surgery to implant under the skin of the thighs or abdomen can save the testicle.


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