Monday, May 10, 2010

0 Millions of Hope for People with Thalassaemia

Thalassaemia, indeed different from the Diabetes, Heart, and Stroke who was widely known by the public. Figures do not happen too much these three diseases. But their suffering was not losing weight, because patients with Thalassaemia major can not be treated, which can be done is with a lifetime of blood transfusions

Thalassaemia is a type of anemia (anemia), congenital from birth. People suffering from thalassaemia have abnormalities in hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen throughout the body), so lack of normal red blood cells. Therefore he does not have enough oxygen to body cells needed to work at the time of peak activity. As a result, he feels exhausted, often experience mood swings, headaches, palpitations and having to work harder to pump blood and supply more oxygen.

DR.dr. Amalia Pustika Wahidiyat, APA (K), as Executor of Thalassaemia Centre Daily FKUI RSCM Child Health Department, stated that this disease is caused by abnormalities in globin genes alpha and beta globin gene, which globin chain production is reduced until it becomes zero. "As a result of red blood cells are easily damaged and its age becomes shorter than normal blood cells (120 days)", so he said. If abnormalities that occur in the alpha globin gene, the disease called alpha thalassaemia, while the beta globin gene disorders will cause beta thalassaemia disease. "In Indonesia, which is often found in beta thalassaemia."

Prevalence (incidence) of beta thalassaemia carriers in Indonesia ranges from 60-10%. And the need to recognize is that patients with Thalassaemia major can not be treated, which can be done is by blood transfusion in his life, surely this is a problem both from the medical aspects, financial aspects, psychological.

For this, Prodia Clinical Laboratories, in cooperation with Indonesian Thalassaemia Foundation to conduct Social Program "in 2000 for Millions of Hope". This program is one of support Prodia Clinical Laboratories to reduce the number of patients with thalassaemia major surge of Indonesia.

Dra. AMPI Retnowardani, M. Si - Marketing Communication Manager Prodia convey that on this program Prodia Prodia invites all customers and the wider community to support the implementation of the Social Program "in 2000 for Millions of Hope" and became a friend of thalassaemia, by donating a minimum of Rp. 2000, - to the Indonesian Thalassaemia Foundation account. In addition Prodia also provide 500 free checks Thalassaemia Screening Panel for the ordinary people, working with Indonesian Thalassaemia Foundation.

In order Prodia Birthdays 37th and World Thalassaemia Day, Prodia also conduct educational programs through brochures and provide inspection fee waivers amounting to 20% for Hb and ferritin Analysis Panel (as Thalassaemia Screening Examination) during the month of May 2010.

For complete information about the Social Programme "in 2000 for Millions of Hope" or Examination Thalassaemia Screening Prodia please contact the nearest clinic or laboratory can be viewed on their website


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