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0 Magic, Children It Got Four Kidneys

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London, A kidney patient's daughter makes the doctors were amazed.
At the time of surgery, the child's abdomen was found in four kidneys and two of them new kidney.

Angel Burton since birth suffered serious kidney illness, so he was sentenced to have surgery at the age of five years. However, the doctors made in the abdomen Angel was stunned because there were four kidneys. Two of these new kidney that grow perfectly attached just above the kidneys ever.

Remarkably, this pair of new kidney to replace the role of the kidney was ever so Angel can now be free and fully recovered from a kidney disease. After three years of the discovery of a new kidney, Angel who is now eight years old in perfect health condition. It truly has been given the miracle that has transformed his life.

According to medical experts, Angel experienced the phenomenon is very rare. He has a condition called duplex kidney. Simply put, this disorder causes a person has two kidneys on one side of the abdomen. Children who have duplicate on two kidneys is called bilateral duplex kidney.

In the case of Angel, the two kidneys experienced duplication and merging with one another. However, each kidney has a ureter or a separate line so that it can be said Angel has four kidneys and four ureters. The doctors believe if the previous inspection kidney was not detected due to the additional position just above the old kidneys.

Angel's mother, Claire Burton (32), who live in Louth, Lincolnshire, bore the fruit of his heart in 2001. After several months, Angel's condition began to deteriorate drastic. The doctor then did a check on Angel and diagnose the presence of bilateral reflux, which means the valve on the bladder can not function normally. Urine will flow to the kidneys and cause infection.

Angel conditions continue to be monitored and he routinely tests and scans to avoid possible infection. At a time when examined, kidney Angel suffered serious condition so that he was sentenced to have surgery.

Angel was undergoing surgery at Sheffield Children Hospital in October 2007 to install an artificial valve. However, doctors at the time of surgery was found to grow new kidneys. This new kidney and then to grow well and replace the old kidney function. Angel was now completely recovered and healthy life.


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