Thursday, May 20, 2010

0 Hipolipoproteinemia

Hipolipoproteinemia (Hypolipoproteinemia) is the low levels of fats in the blood.

Hipolipoproteinemia rarely cause any problems, but may be an indication of other diseases.
- For example, low cholesterol levels can be found at: an overactive thyroid gland
- Anaemia
- Lack of nutrition (malnutrition)
- Cancer
- Malabsorbsi (interference absorption of food substances in the digestive tract).

Some rare hereditary disease, caused low levels of fat that can lead to serious problems:

- Hipobetalipoproteinemia: very low LDL cholesterol levels, but usually causes no symptoms and do not require treatment.

- Abetalipoproteinemia: there are no LDL cholesterol and can not make a chylomicron, causing:
- Malabsorbsi fat and fat-soluble vitamins
- Abnormal bowel movements
- Fatty stools (steatorrhea)
- Form a strange red blood cells
- Blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa.
The disease is not curable, but consume large amounts of vitamin E and vitamin A can slow or delay the occurrence of damage to the nervous system.

- Tangier disease: HDL cholesterol levels are very low and cause neurological dysfunction and enlarged lymph nodes, tonsils, liver and spleen.


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