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0 Stomach Cancer


* Helicobacter pylori infection seemed to be the biggest cause of stomach cancer.
* Uncomfortable feeling faint on the abdomen, weight loss, and lethargy are some special
* The best diagnostic procedure is endoscopy.
* Surgery performed to remove cancer or eliminating symptoms.

Approximately 95% of stomach cancer are adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinomas of the stomach originating from glandular cells in the lining of the stomach.

In the United States, adenocarcinoma of the stomach occurs in about 21,000 people each year and is ranked seventh most frequent cause of death due to cancer. This was more common in certain populations: people aged 50 years and older, poor, black, ispanic, indianamerika, and people who live in northern climates. For an unknown reason, adenocarcinoma of the stomach are rare in the United States. It is far more common in Japan, China, Chile, and Iceland. In these countries, screening programs is very important in early detection.


A rare type of stomach cancer
Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph system. Lymphoma can occur in the stomach. Bacterium Helicobacter pylori is believed to have a role in the formation of several lymphomas in the stomach. surgery is often the initial treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy is more successful in treating lymphoma compared with adenocarcinoma. Survive longer and possibly even cured.

Leiomyosarcoma (also called stromal cell or spindle cell tumor) is a cancer of smooth muscle in the stomach. The best treatment with surgery. If the cancer has spread (metastasized) to other parts of the body at the time leimyosarcoma found, chemotherapy can cause a little longer survival. New drug, imatinib, has been found effective in treating leiomyosarcoma that can not be cured by surgery.
Adenocarcinoma of the stomach often begins on the side where the inflamed stomach lining. Many experts now believe that an infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori causes most stomach cancer.

Stomach polyps can become malignant cancer (malignant) and to be appointed. Adenocarcinoma of the stomach may well have happened if the polyps are composed of glandular cells, if polyps are enlarged more than ¾ inch (2 cm), or if there are multiple polyps.

Specific dietary factors is one of the initiators of a role in forming adenocarcinoma of the stomach. These factors include a high salt intake, high carbohydrate intake, high intake of preservatives called nitrates (often found in smoked foods), and less intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Nevertheless none of these factors proved to be the cause.

In the early stages, the symptoms of a vague and easily ignored. Early symptoms can mimic digestive ulcer disease (peptic ulcers), with burning pain in the abdomen. Therefore, the symptoms of digestive ulcers that are not resolved with treatment could indicate bowel cancer. the person can pay attention to feeling full after eating small portions premises (early satiety).

Weight loss or lethargy are usually the result of the difficulty eating or from inability to absorb some vitamins and minerals. Anaemia, marked lethargy, fatigue, and dizziness, can be produced from the bleeding happens gradually without other symptoms, from malabsorption of vitamin B12 (vitamin required for the formation of red blood cells), or from malabsorption of iron (minerals that required for the formation of red blood cells) related to the lack of stomach acid. Rarely, someone may vomit blood with large quantities (haematemesis) or discharge black (melena). When adenocarcinoma continues, a doctor might feel a mass when pressing the abdomen.

Even at this early stage, small denocarcinoma can spread (metastasize) to distant parts. The spread of the tumor can cause enlarged liver, skin and pale yellowish white eyes (jaundice), fluid retention and swelling of the abdominal cavity (ascites). And skin ulcers that are not cancerous. The spread of cancer can also make bones weak, causing bone fractures.


Endoscope (a study in which an elastic pipe is used to see the inside of the digestive tract) is the best diagnostic procedure. It allows a doctor to look directly in the stomach, to check helicobacter pylori, and for taking tissue samples to be studied under a microscope (biopsy). Barium X-rays are rarely used because it is rarely expressed early stage cancer and is not recommended for biopsy. If cancer is found, people usually use a computer tomography (CT) scan of the chest and stomach to ensure that its distribution where the tumor has spread to other organs. If the CT scan can not show the distribution of tumors. Doctors usually perform ultrasonic endoscope (which shows the layers of the digestive tract more clearly because the checks placed on the tip of the endoscope) to determine the depth of the tumor and the effect on the surrounding lymph nodes.


Less than 15% of people with adenocarcinoma of the stomach gidup survive more than five years. Cancer tends to spread faster to other areas. If coop stomach cancer, surgery is usually done for the business of healing. Appointment of the entire tumor before it spreads to offer hope of recovery. Almost all of or all parts of the stomach and surrounding lymph nodes removed. Good prognosis if the cancer does not go into too deep abdominal wall. In the United States, operating results are often sad, because most people have cancer that spreads at the time of diagnosis made. In Japan, stomach cancer is very common, mass public health screening programs help to early detection so it is more likely to be cured. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be helpful in certain circumstances.

When the cancer spread beyond the abdomen, surgery can not cure this condition, but this is sometimes used to eliminate the symptoms. For example, if the food channel was blocked on the edge of the stomach. at the end of bypass surgery, which is an alternative connection made between the stomach and intestinal wall, to make the food to pass. This interface eliminates the symptoms-pain and vomiting, sat-at least temporarily. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can eliminate the symptoms well, but their effectiveness is limited


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