Monday, May 17, 2010

1 The Pleasure Plus Condoms Story

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Men who never tried a Pleasure Plus condom will have very little idea why this is cause for celebration. Or why every men's (and women's, for that matter) magazine of the time heralded Pleasure Plus condoms as the greatest invention since the wheel. A little background on Pleasure Plus condoms, then:

In the early 1990s, an extremely clever physician (he who went broke shortly after Pleasure Plus condoms had revolutionised the world of safe sex) decided that more people would use condoms more often if they weren't rubbish. Until the advent of the Pleasure Plus condoms, prophylactics had been a pretty uninspiring necessity - thick, restrictive and a barrier to at least half the sensation lovemaking should give. Dr. Reddy invented a condom shaped with an 'action pouch' - a loose latex suspension hanging under the glans area of the penis. The action pouch was designed to slide around the sensitive part of the male organ during sex, reproducing the lost sensation of skin-on-skin action.

It worked. Very, very well. When Pleasure Plus condoms appeared on the market in the mid '90s, they outsold every other condom brand by (according to the legend on the new Pleasure Plus condoms packets) around 8 to 1. Unfortunately for the male population, for whom Pleasure Plus condoms represented a new lease of stimulating life in the safe-sex bedroom, Reddy's business sank under the weight of slow creditors and Pleasure Plus condoms were lost.

Fortunately, ONE, a less myopic company than some of the more famous condom manufacturers (who still haven't come around to the idea that innovatively shaped barriers like Pleasure Plus condoms could provide the lost stimulation sought by ribs and studs), recognised the potential of Pleasure Plus condoms, bought the rights to make and sell them, and have recently released them. Their market was probably too young to reap the benefits of Pleasure Plus condoms the first time around - perhaps this time, the future of male safe-sex stimulation is here to stay. We'll find out if the squeals of delight up and down the country next year are his as well as hers.


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