Sunday, May 16, 2010

1 Implantation Penis, A Impotence Treatment

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General therapy for erectile dysfunction or impotence is the use of Viagra, Levitra and cialis.
These drugs work against impotence by loosening the small muscles in the penis, a process that increases blood flow to the penis, increasing blood flow is expected to allow the erection, something very desirable for those who suffer from impotence: D

But the conditions were too severe impotence, drugs are often unable to fight impotence. In this condition of penile implants can be
Bold used as a rational therapy for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Penile Implantation Glance

Penile Implantation is a impotence therapy tool by entering a small elastic tube into the penis, precisely in the corpora cavernosa (penis Anatomy clay images). In normal penile corpora cavernosa will fill with blood during erection, thus causing the penis becomes harder and big * wow *.

In addition to the pipe immersed in the corpora cavernosa, also installed a pump in the testicles and fluid in the abdominal tube. At the moment the patient wants to have excitatory and prepared to battle, the patient lived suppress side testicles and the pump will work to increase the liquid in the elastic pipe was buried in the penis, the entry of liquid in the pipe that causes enlargement and hardening of the penis such as the erection normal: D If want more clear, Monggo seen the picture below

Penile Implantation Gains and Losses


Longer lasting erections;)

Produced erections feels more 'natural'

Hidden total, meaning there is no tool looks at penis


1 Expensive: (

Frequent complications. ex: infection

Risk of damage to the device

Hmm .. I think the method of therapy impotence with penile implants are able to do in Indonesia next few years


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