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0 Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of cells on a breast tissue. If you already have up to an advanced stage, removal of the breast are sometimes done for patient safety. This certainly becomes something frightening for a woman.

Almost all cancer has a specific cause. For example the majority of cases of skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. While lung cancer caused by smoking. But there is no single definitive cause for breast cancer.

Several factors could be the cause of breast cancer. For example, genetic factors, environmental, and hormonal likely played a role in breast cancer. Women who are susceptible to this factor may have a higher risk.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

No one knows for sure what causes breast cancer. Based on statistical results, most patients with breast cancer are women with age above 50 years. This means that the older the person, then the chances of this disease increases. Another factor that affects the family history. If there are families who suffer from this disease like a mother or siblings, the odds will be even greater. Breast cancer can also be caused by previous cancer in other organs that spread to the breast. Or if there is a history of previous cancer in other organs.

Another thing that can trigger cancer is lifestyle. Frequently consuming foods that contain carcinogenic chemicals or alcohol, or smoking.

Preventing Breast Cancer

One breast cancer prevention is a healthy diet. An estimated one in three cases of breast cancer due to dietary factors. A good diet that will help maintain your immune system and this is the most powerful preventive medicine. Although he had not known the foods that can cure cancer, eating certain foods and reducing certain other foods can be a preventative action.

Foods that are rich in fiber, can help reduce levels of prolactin and estrogen, possibly by attaching themselves to these hormones and then throw it outside the body. This can further suppress the phase of carcinogenesis (cancer formation). Also, reduce your intake of saturated fat can lower the risk. Soya beans and fermented soy products without can inhibit tumor growth.

Vegetables rich in vitamin A, like carrots, chayote, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and mustard greens, may help. Vitamin A prevents the formation of cancer-causing mutations. While fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduce the risk of breast cancer.


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