Friday, May 14, 2010

0 Avoid Sleep At Tight Dress

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Sleepwear or pajama almost always cut loose. It was deliberately for the convenience of our sleep. But there is more scientific reasons stated Dr. Sapparo Maruyama of Japan. Even he thinks should not use while sleeping in the usually tight clothing on the body.

He said, pressing clothes stomach or chest, can suppress the nerve so that it will affect the corresponding organ function. Based on experiments, it can cause a variety of disorders, including diarrhea, constipation, dizziness and itching. Dr. Bunkichi from Tokyo, Japan, also supports the opinion of Dr. Maruyama.

She said, women who wear panties / bra while sleeping, much less strictly, can experience respiratory allergies, and interfere with activities all day. Patients with the disease was increasing. For example, the number of patients with respiratory allergies in 1991 more than in 1990. This increase was due to the tight underwear.

Consumers are asking more and more tight underwear driven by their desire to reveal the body slimming. As is known, women who want to be thin more than a want to be fat. This automatic fishing for more manufacturers produce clothing in tight.

Indeed, according to an expert cosmetic breast size / pelvis, for example, can be reduced up to 25% with underwear that tight. Though it is only apparent. So in fact no effect on the slenderness of the body. In fact, if not neutralized, can damage the lines on the skin.

It's all just propaganda huge profit-oriented producers by exploiting consumers who want to look according to the mode, which is ngetrend. Actually, many medical experts suggest, that women did not wear underwear all day. But because it is not possible, let alone according to some experts this can meloyokan cosmetic breast / pelvic.

Apart from the experiments that, by some medical experts, the concept was indeed rational. Logically when you are helping a friend who had just sunk, of early relief granted is open all the trapping of the body, including underwear. It is intended to provide flexibility to the respiratory system.

Actually with the release of underwear before bed, we would benefit, namely:

1. Blood circulation, including around the underwear, it would be better, more smoothly and more perfect.

2. The elasticity of the body will be more flexible, so can create more calm or sleep more soundly.

3. More natural body warmth. Now arises the impression, with underwear, a warm body will increase. This is wrong. Precisely without underwear, the body will more easily warmed.

4. Smoothen the skin will be better, albeit in very small capacity (new can be felt several months later). This is because the skin get more oxygen / more smoothly. For those who are less intelligent / skilled maintain health, let go of underwear before bed, over-emphasized.

You see for tropical areas, such as in Indonesia, lingerie could easily stimulate the body's sweat. Whereas if not wiped before bed will provide an opportunity for action on the microorganisms on the skin, which means it may cause abnormalities of the skin, like scabies


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